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Our bespoke service is our specialty. We create your one off garment or accessorie with your full input. Our specialist team create this by appointment/consultation and aim to give you an experience from the fashion industry which is tailored to you.

Georgia Nash has trained with some of the greatest designers in the world. She offers a bespoke experience of some of the skills she has been taught and has created her self. These classes are tailor made to your specifications and can be for as short or as long as you please. 

British born designer Georgia Nash studied Fashion design at Middlesex university. Whilst being taught by such greats as Marios Schwab, Ben Kirchoff and Richard Sorger she worked for Nathan Jenden in London and Paris and Huntsmann tailours Saville Row London. After completing her degree she went on to work for Lungsta de fancy in New york then worked for the prestigious Phillip Treacy in London. She Launched Georgia Nash shortly after leaving Phillip Treacy with his blessing and support. Her first independant show was at the iconic Spitalfields E1 which was a great success. Whilst building her empire she became one of the head designers for Reem Alasadi for two seasons.

" Ever since I turned 3 and put on my mothers shoes i knew fashion would be my life.My work concontrates on intricate couture beadwork and tailoring. I am inspired mostly by dreams and stories. I adore pearls, buttons and bows. I think people have become to laid back in what they wear. I believe in people dressing correctly. Wearing a beautiful item of clothing that has had time and effort to make, makes you want to acheive the same in day to day life. My dream would be to expand the label to Paris and live out my days living in the Bastille with my dogs. All i want to do is make people feel beautiful and happy. Clothes can completely change the way you feel if i can create something so powerful then I will be completely satisfied in my life." 

Nathan Jenden

Lungsta De Fancy

Phillip Treacy

Ben kirchoff

Reem Alasadi

Marious Schwab

Huntsman Savile Row

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