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       My Musical Jewelry box

This collection was based on a small jewelry box that given to me by my beautiful Nana. She was such a integral part of my life. The main colour of the collection was duck egg blue which was the primary colour on the jewelry box. We used intricate beadwork which was attached to individual motifs made from vintage lace and tapestrys. The inspired 1920s silouettes were a tribute to her who was born the year of the titanic. I dedicated this collection to the late Lydia Osborne. My lovely Nana  


                                           Jekyll & Hyde 

This collection is a tale of two halfs. I was inspired by a state of mind of a very good friend of mine at the time. The consept of looking at something with such beauty then seeing that side change in a sudden manner interested me. The concept for each piece was to use a dolly silhoutte which from far away looked perfect then up close had rough edges, dip dyed lace and uneven layers. This collection had a pret a porter and couture line. We still carry through the pret a porter line to this day.



This collection was inspired by the famous tea shop in Paris Laduree. Whilst working in Paris i spent most of my days off sipping tea and eating macaroons in the cafe whilst sketching and people watching. We showed this collection at the historic Hanbury hall off Brick lane for LFW which was greatly received. 

laduree 12.jpg
laduree 10.jpg
laduree 11.jpg
laduree 9.jpg
laduree 8.jpg
laduree 7.jpg
laduree 6.jpg
laduree 5.jpg
laduree 4.jpg
laduree 3.jpg
laduree 2.jpg
laduree 1.jpg
nut ill.jpg
nut ill 6.jpg
illustrated 1.jpg
nut ill 5.jpg
nut ill 4.jpg
nut ill 3.jpg
nut ill 2.jpg
nut ill 1.jpg
the nut was too strong to crack 15.jpeg
nut 1.jpg
nut 5.jpg
nut 4.jpg
nut 2.jpg
nut 3.jpg
nut 6.jpg

 The nut was too strong to crack

This collection launched Georgia Nash. It was my graduate collection and was critaclly acclaimed. It was based on the story of the nutcracker. Every year my Mama took me to see the nutcracker ballet and has always been an integral part of my life. Each look was inspired by a character from the story and was all couture. This collection set the standard of the label and recieved rave reviews. It was shown at the prestigious Truman Brewery on Brick Lane and from this collection i was given the name the sugar plum fairy of Shoreditch.


Edited Image 2015-4-14-16:56:28
edge of reason.jpg
edge of reason 2.jpg

 Edge of Reason

This was the pre collection to 'The nut was to strong to crack'. It was called 'Edge of reason' due to the intricate detail with all edges. I used metal work and zips to close most edges whilst concontating on clean silhouettes. This collection inspired most of my colour schemes up to this date. I adore the beauty of nudes, creams and blacks. I feel edges are very important in my work as it defines and has become a great signiture. 


LFW 2016


This collection was based on the beautiful concept of Serendipity. Each piece was constructed in a couture manner and invoked elegance, individuality and style. Each piece was created on its own accord. Hence the meaning of the title.    

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